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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Website based Content Management System

For you who want to want to create a website or a site, surely you will be dealing with something called the CMS. So, what is a CMS that? How important a role in the site?

CMS or Content Management System is a web application that has a system where the system can be set or manage the web easily. Examples such as:

There is a company who want to create a website to a CMS-based creator of the web. In accordance with the CMS on the web made by the creator of the web's future must be managed with the easy, simple, and not complicated. This means that the management or public relations company should be able to update the website easily and freely without the help of the previous page ...

By using the CMS, any member or employee in any part of the company has rights to access and authority of each in a different manage website. For example, a boss at the company has full access rights to the previous page. While regular employees there have only access rights to view and change some articles to the degree necessary, but not authorized to change the web that have been made earlier.

Imagine if a website is not based CMS and want to update the company website, the procedure must be done is that the company should contact the creator of the previous page to send the data to be updated, new data is processed by the web to be displayed in the website. This procedure is not very effective to improve the website because it depends of course by the webmaster and the burden of operational costs is the company, especially if you have any dependence on the company website so that updates data on the website must be done regularly for example every day or 1 week once. The situation is further complicated if the company mem-vendor-kan in making website.

Based on the conditions that create a CMS that is very important and crucial in the creation and management of a site.

Typically, a CMS (Content Management System) consists of two elements:

* Content management applications (Content Management Application, [CMA])

* Application of the content (content delivery application [CDA])

CMA element allows the content managers who may not have knowledge of HTML (hypertext markup language), to manage the creation, modification, and deletion of content from a web site without the need to have expertise as a Webmaster. CDA element uses and collect information that was previously added, reduced or changed by the website owner to update the web site or update it. Capability or features of a CMS system vary, but, most of the software features a web-based publishing, format management, revision control, index creation, search, and archiving.


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