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Friday, July 17, 2009

Online Business and Online Earning

What do you think about Online Business and Online Earning? Are they the same? As if both have the same connotation, and footing on each word that is very different.

Business Online have any meaning, we are building the business and develop an online tool or use the internet as a medium for development. Of course it is a business, the online business really should consider the many aspects to wirausahaan, for example, aspects of the capital, aspects of the product, service aspects, marketing aspects, aspects of cash flow (cash flow) and many other things. Suppose you want to open a webstore for fashion products (like me), it must calculate the cost of procurement of goods, the margin will be taken, bookkeeping stock of goods, marketing costs, employee costs, service to customers, and so on .. . Similar to what we open a boutique or clothing store, all its components should really prepare us. There are several online business models that we can choose, the outline is as follows:

1. sell their own products (both tangible products, such as clothing, electronic equipment,
handicraft etc., intangible product: e-book, software, services and / or similar service).
2. sell the products of others, can sell as affiliate product or sell the property of others in our
3. develop networking business (MLM) online

Online Earning = Online Income

Earnings have any meaning online: earnings or revenue or money that we can get them online or using the internet as a media tool. Because its orientation is earning or income, then you should not consider aspects of the business to get it. Online earning course we can get without capital, does not need to calculate the margin, not to deal with customer service etc.. Important that you get earning. Some examples of activities that can bring online earning, among others: the PTR / PTC paid to click or paid to read (you get paid every time to open the email from the company that holds the program), the program program HYIP (high yield investment programs) programs that are usually money to plant to get more money - usually money games, etc.

Online earning we can usually get results quickly, but its earnings sustainability can very quickly too. Meanwhile, online business usually take up the results can we truly enjoy, and can continue to grow and grow depends on our efforts to develop. And along with the time, the bigger you grow the business, income from business or income this will continue to grow, ...

So, you want to select which? all depends on your own motivation ....

always a success


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