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Monday, July 27, 2009

Change your DNS settings to OpenDNS

In the Internet world, the role of DNS can not be removed. With the discovery of DNS (Domain Name System), we need not be difficult to memorize hard-Address IP address of the server that our direction. Simply write down the name of its domain only. This service is supported in the DNS server, DNS server is what will save the table-table conversions from the domain name to its IP address. Hebatkan? Usually each internet provider has its own DNS server that is ready in the access by its customers, unfortunately, many weaknesses in it, the problem of security. The advantage is when the DNS server of your Internet internet providers new death, just change your DNS settings to OpenDNS.

Many free DNS server that is ready to replace the task of DNS servers' default 'from your internet provider. But there is one DNS server service that makes me interested, ie OpenDNS.

With OpenDNS, you will be protected from viruses Conficker the current trends in the new name. Also with OpenDNS we can see the access statistics for us. Also promised improvements in the access speed of this virtual world.

To translate the name into an IP address alias that's the goal that is the DNS server. DNS is a database that contains the data store the IP number and the name alias association. So we just make the settings for direct Internet connection to our DNS servers. Then, if we type www.google.com in the alias name of the browser, the DNS server will look for the IP number is.

DNS settings can be seen from the Start menu - Control Panel - Network Connection, and select Internet connection and our open its properties. Select the Tab "Networking", select internet protocol (tcp / ip) and click on the Properties button.


Zein Okeh on October 9, 2009 at 11:31 AM said...

nice info..
i get with what i search in this time.

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