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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stat counter for blog

Download Counter or click may also called counter hit counter is a term used to mention how the number of downloaded files, with the download counter and we will know how many times have we downloaded the file. If you put the file in as ziddu, 4shared, etc you can see how many times we downloaded the file, or we can also use the most popular downloads to see the most number of files downloaded. But how do the download looks to be in our blog or in close proximity to our download links?

Download the tool to install the Counter itself is widely available on the Internet from a free to paid. This time I'll review a little about the download counter for wordpress blog. Download counter for wordpress itself is available in many forms including DownloadLite plugins, DownloadAdvanced, Download Manager, wp-downloadMonitor. But this time I will discuss PHP Counter click only.

Counter by adding the number of visitors we can see how people who have visited our site. This way we can see the development of a blog, and can plan for the next step. Install Counter Blog can also increase traffic blog, why? because when a visitor who came to see and counter blog has been visited every day and traffic levels, will arise a possible sugesti blog content that is quality. Interested?

There are several ways, namely:

1. Use counter Doneeh.com

2. Use counter Statcounter.com

3. Use counter Amazingcounter.com

4. Use counter Histats.com

5. and many other ..

Follow the steps to stay command. Easy huh? There is a need to add?

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