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Monday, June 29, 2009

The development of internet marketing

What is the definition of internet marketing it?
In this simple activity is all that the aim is to market / promote and build branding through online media, especially the world via the Internet is that the edges money (the Constitution). Therefore, simply having a web site, or you have a beautiful web site or e-commerce based but do not do marketing activities and socialization products online via the consolidation and also through a combination of offline, the e-commerce site page will "bankrupt", as I have buyer.But candidate web sites that even simple, but the product has a unique aim and target specific markets and execute e-marketing activities can survive and grow financially and their owners can therefore obtain the money.

How in the world internet marketing indonesia? What has been the use?
Since years 1995-1999 in fact as many as 95% owner of the website or online business pure dissolved or destroyed torpidity and survive and continue to live less than 5%. Now the number is already in the top 5% of pure online business that is capable of living and growing.
Because the process of "trial-error-dead", the practitioners in the business indonesia learn to combine a lot of business "pure click" with the "brick mortar," only less than 1% of the business online practitioners of the pure living and growing in indonesia, the rest combination of "pure click brick and mortar".

Because market trends are already loaded with the competition then I see the perpetrators of online business is the life path that uses online and offline campaigns and use the offline fullfilment (a combination of promotion and fullfilment "pure click" and "mortar-brick", this category of already above 10% in 2005 and I will continue to see rising in indonesia.

What are tips tips that can utilize the Internet with good marketing?
In order to take advantage of the campaign with the same success, then I see a business that focuses on the niche market and niche products will be more successful running a business rather than mix to sell all or as many of the goods / dz and for all layers of society as / d z.

Clearly, the key focus and segmented to the product side and on the implementation of the perpetrators need to S 3, namely:
- Smart, not clever, as clever but more people unemployed, but canny, careful to see that there are business opportunities
- Sweat, ready to work hard in the beginning, considering the many clever people do not want to work hard. Hard work is required in the earlier business.
- Swift, nimble hold of the opportunities that exist. Where there is crisis there is opportunity and need get somehow that night, or afternoon or very early in the morning, do not delay means temporize.

How about internet marketing trends at this time and prediction for the future?
If you ask the internet marketing trend which is very helpful in the case: first, sell, then I say search engines are my best marketing man and no. 1. Somehow email & web sales copy is the best online salesmanship me no. 1. Second, the popularity (branding), then for this year and the future is, web writing, newsletter writing, news writing via blogging (electronic journalism), a combination of barter and the print media and electronic media, rss will become a trend for years to future. If its application in indonesia a bit slow but sure. Provide counseling to a variety of Targeted online bulletin / mailing list.

We see things on the internet at this time is used for the online marketing activities, ranging from e-mail, web, and so forth. What do you think about this phenomenon?
Yes indeed it must be done, and ready to implement new resource-a resource more effectively and consistently. The point to generate more money through the internet and salesmanship is persuassive & emotional writing. To produce the branding & trust necessary informative writing

Business such as that which can fit with this internet marketing? What reason?
Not all businesses can make money through the internet, and does not fit all business through the internet media.
I match business and developing the internet is you have:
- A unique product I (segmented)
- Fullfilment it can not be obtained at random place
- Are not universal and depends on the location of the human race
- Consumable and depends on or you can through other vendors
but rarely

Challenges are usually encountered in the internet marketing world? And how the solution?
The virtual world changes quickly and pro-reform in a very very fast, which was not good right now. Therefore, business practitioners who wish to successfully utilize electronic media must be a "continuous learner" and the response in the face of change. If it does not change, ready-ready to disappear.


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